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The critically acclaimed The Woman's Guide to Managing Migraine (Oxford University Press) is a concise and practical handbook that gives female headache sufferers all the tools they need to work with their healthcare providers to properly diagnose types of headache and develop the best possible treatment plans.

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Dear Dr. Hutchinson,

I've just finished The Woman's Guide to Managing Migraine and it's been so helpful. I'm a family physician in London, Ontario, Canada with many women in my practice who suffer migraine. Thank you for presenting the information in such a readable way and I especially thank you for providing the specifics of dosing, frequency, etc. of medications. I also really appreciated the case examples and the specifics of how you'd approach them. I will definitely recommend the book to my patients and will also be pulling information from it to help them!

Kind regards,
Natalie Lovesey

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5 Tips On Managing Summer Migraines

Summer months can be challenging for many migraine sufferers. Heat is a common trigger as is the glare of sunlight at the beach, lake, or outdoor pool. And for many, vacations turn into a nightmare of migraines from the stress of travel, changing time zones, being in a different environment, eating differently, and being out of one’s routine. Read more

Setting Boundaries

This week in my practice I have interacted with many migraine patients having trouble setting boundaries. As a migraine sufferer and “overachiever,” I can relate. I am, by nature, a people pleaser and dislike confrontation or any interaction that is uncomfortable. I sacrifice my emotional and physical health to avoid discomfort. This seems to be common in migraine patients. Read more

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Dr. Hutchinson Will Assist In Educating Primary Care Physicians and Neurologists In India

By |February 12th, 2019|Categories: News|Tags: |

A newly formed non-profit healthcare organization in India has asked a small team of US physicians to lead the way in educating Primary Care Physicians and neurologists about migraine. Dr. Hutchinson's focus will be the importance of treating migraine in women including the right for women to access medical care in the face of local culture. She will be spending time in both the Delhi and Kochi locations of the 2 hospitals and out-patient clinics for Amrita Hospital International.

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Ajovy Webcast Summary

By |November 1st, 2018|Categories: News|

Dr. Susan Hutchinson joined Dr. Jack Schim for a live Webcast on Thursday evening, October 25th, to discuss Ajovy, the second CGRP monoclonal Antibody approved for migraine prevention. It is an injection and offers the option of quarterly or monthly dosing.

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