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Menstrual Migraine: Common and Disabling

Dr. Susan Hutchinson has written an article entitled “Menstrual Migraine: Common and Disabling” for PatientCareOnline.com You can read it here: https://www.patientcareonline.com/view/menstrual-migraine-common-and-disabling

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Dr. Hutchinson’s Trip To India

As many of you are aware, I was asked to go to India with a team of international headache experts to educate local providers. Each one of us on the team had a specific purpose and for me, it was to focus on the treatment of migraine in women. The need for good migraine management in India is great. With a population of over 1.3 billion, the estimated prevalence of migraine in India is over 150,000 million. By comparison, the prevalence of migraine in the United States is 38 million.

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Dr. Hutchinson 2nd Author On An Abstract Titled “Patterns and Characterization of Acute Prescription Headache Medication Use: Results from the CaMEO study”

Dr. Hutchinson was 2nd author on an abstract titled "Patterns and Characterization of Acute Prescription Headache Medication Use: Results from the CaMEO study" that was accepted as a poster presentation both at the recent American Headache Society Scientific Symposium in June 2018 and at the Diamond Headache Clinic Research & Educational Foundation in July 2018.

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Alternatives to the Emergency Room

When a severe migraine hits, many sufferers end up in the Emergency Room (ER). This is not ideal for many reasons including the long wait to be seen, the noise and bright lights in the ER, the attitude of the ER staff often treating the migraine patient as a narcotic seeker, and lastly, the cost. There are several alternatives to the ER including an urgent care center, home rescue, or an infusion center

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