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Read Dr. Hutchinson’s 2-Part Series on Migraine in Pregnancy and Lactation

Patient Care has recently published a 2 part series from Dr. Susan Hutchinson on Migraine in Pregnancy and Lactation. You can read both parts below: Part 1: Migraine in Pregnancy: Considerations for Treatment https://www.patientcareonline.com/view/migraine-in-pregnancy-considerations-for-treatment Part 2: Migraine in Pregnancy & Lactation: Considerations for Treatment https://www.patientcareonline.com/view/migraine-in-pregnancy-lactation-considerations-for-treatment

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Menstrual Migraine: Common and Disabling

Dr. Susan Hutchinson has written an article entitled “Menstrual Migraine: Common and Disabling” for PatientCareOnline.com You can read it here: https://www.patientcareonline.com/view/menstrual-migraine-common-and-disabling

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Dr. Hutchinson’s Trip To India

As many of you are aware, I was asked to go to India with a team of international headache experts to educate local providers. Each one of us on the team had a specific purpose and for me, it was to focus on the treatment of migraine in women. The need for good migraine management in India is great. With a population of over 1.3 billion, the estimated prevalence of migraine in India is over 150,000 million. By comparison, the prevalence of migraine in the United States is 38 million.

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Dr. Hutchinson 2nd Author On An Abstract Titled “Patterns and Characterization of Acute Prescription Headache Medication Use: Results from the CaMEO study”

Dr. Hutchinson was 2nd author on an abstract titled "Patterns and Characterization of Acute Prescription Headache Medication Use: Results from the CaMEO study" that was accepted as a poster presentation both at the recent American Headache Society Scientific Symposium in June 2018 and at the Diamond Headache Clinic Research & Educational Foundation in July 2018.

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